The Mamas


Johanna Reinhardt is a Swedish surfer and skier. She lived in Verbier in Switzerland for many years, competing on the international free ski tour.

When she moved to Guéthary from Verbier and was shocked by the fact that surfing was such a male dominated sport.

She set up the Mamas Surf Club in 2005, with the aim of encouraging women of all ages to start surfing, particularly women in their thirties and forties who though it might be too late. The club played a part in changing attitudes towards women’s surfing on the Basque coast, with other Mamas groups starting up in our wake -excuse the pun- from Hendaye to Hossegor.

Joahnna is a qualified surf instructor and is runs a surf school  based in Bidart and  Guéthary with her husband Christophe.


Wilma Johnson is an artist and writer, who moved to Guéthary at the same time as Johanna. She was the first member of the Mamas Surf Club. She was so inspired by the experience that she wrote a book about it !

Surf Mama tells the story of the club, and Wilma’s experiences learning to surf as an extremely unsporty 44 year old London artist…..


Karolina Ekman

‘I learnt to surf in Guéthary 1997 and fell in love with this beautiful coastline, as well as with its handsome, fun and friendly bunch of surfers . After many years of competing as a professional freeskier in search of the ultimate feeling of flow and freedom, surfing the Guéthary coast quickly became the answer to both, during the summer part of the year. These days, surfing Guéthary with Johanna, Wilma and the other Mamas serves as a very welcome yearly break from my work as a mindfulness instructor, physiotherapist and writer in Sweden.’

Karolina has written a book about overcoming tragedy in the mountains and how it affected her life. more info here : Brave Enough to Feel