The Mamas

Mamas Surf Camp 2017


Last year’s surf camp, this is what it’s all about …. surfing, yoga, motivation, friendship, exhaustion good food, good waves, good vibes !


Been there, done that got the tee-shirt!

Thanks to everyone who made it such a fantastic week last time, we hope you’ll be back for more waves, more yoga and mindfulness, more beach time, more delicious Basque cooking, for fun and rosé…. and of course next year’s tee-shirt!


The Mamas…. how it all started…..


Johanna Reinhardt


Johanna Reinhardt is a Swedish surfer and skier. She lived in Verbier in Switzerland for many years, competing on the international free ski tour.

When she moved to Guéthary from Verbier and was shocked by the fact that surfing was such a male dominated sport.

She set up the Mamas Surf Club in 2005, with the aim of encouraging women of all ages to start surfing, particularly women in their thirties and forties who though it might be too late. The club played a part in changing attitudes towards women’s surfing on the Basque coast, with other Mamas groups starting up in our wake -excuse the pun- from Hendaye to Hossegor.

Joahnna is a qualified surf instructor and is runs a surf school  based in Bidart and  Guéthary with her husband Christophe.



Some other Mamas…


Wilma Johnson is an artist and writer, who moved to Guéthary at the same time as Johanna. She was the first member of the Mamas Surf Club. She was so inspired by the experience that she wrote a book about it !

Surf Mama tells the story of the club, and Wilma’s experiences learning to surf as an extremely unsporty 44 year old London artist…..



Karolina Ekman

‘I learnt to surf in Guéthary 1997 and fell in love with this beautiful coastline, as well as with its handsome, fun and friendly bunch of surfers . After many years of competing as a professional freeskier in search of the ultimate feeling of flow and freedom, surfing the Guéthary coast quickly became the answer to both, during the summer part of the year. These days, surfing Guéthary with Johanna, Wilma and the other Mamas serves as a very welcome yearly break from my work as a mindfulness instructor, physiotherapist and writer in Sweden.’

Karolina has written a book about overcoming tragedy in the mountains and how it affected her life. more info here : Brave Enough to Feel




Sophie Regnier our yoga surf mama will be doing  classes on the beach again this year, great way to wind down and stay surf fit…..check out her site




I live in Guéthary and love the ocean but never quite found the route to the waves until Johanna and Wilma invited me to the 1st surf mama camp last year. I was the worst in the group ( which I like to put down to tired arms as I also massaged guests in the free afternoons!!!) BUT on the very last day I DID IT!!!

I felt only support and encouragement from all the group and no embarrassment at my beginners level at 47 years young! We had a wonderful week and I’ve been lucky enough to continue with the Surf Mamas on their Friday surf when I am here. I work and travel a lot so don’t always make it, but it does not bother me if my prgress is slow. When I am on sat on the board, selecting a wave, paddling back out or choosing my spot mark on land so that I LOOK FORWARD… mind has no room for life and work queries… it’s an automatic meditation for me! If I can do it… anyone can!

Kirstie Garrett



20171027_172108 - Copie

Carine, enseignante en BTS gestion et protection de la nature, 38 ans

Pourquoi j’apprends à surfer :

Pour pratiquer une activité de pleine nature, qui demande une forte cohésion avec la mer, pour être au plus près des éléments naturels, et en profiter chaque jour!

I’m a secondary school teacher in environmental studies.

I learned to surf to enjoy an activity in the wilderness, which demands a strong affinity with the ocean, to be out in the elements, and make the most of the natural world…..

Gunilla Lundqvist


I made it! With the help of Johanna’s never ending energy, her mission to help everyone to succeed, the ability to see what everyone needed, even I made it.

The atmosphere that Johanna and her team creates during the camp is priceless. The feeling of “everything is possible” and every little step is a progress. No stress, no fight, just focusing and having fun. That is the key to success.

I live in Stockholm very far from the waves, the Ocean and surf culture. I have always loved water though. Everything about water actually, because it is the best playground ever. A dream I had, that was not yet even near being reached, was to once in my life get up on a surfboard and catch a wave.

I colleague of mine told me if anyone could teach me how to do this – it would be Johanna in Guethary. OK. But first, I understood that I really needed to be in better shape. I found a personal trainer and the mission was strength and balance to get up on the surfboard, and stay there. I booked my ticket to Guethary. One step closer to my dream. And finally, off I went to my first Mamas Surf Camp 2017. It is not only the surf that is good, the friendship and the wonderful surroundings are lovely.”


Anna Mignonneau

Anna - copie


I am work with translations and customer service support on a freelance basis and have 2 children. I moved to the Basque country after working abroad for nine years for MTV and Nickelodeon…

I was so happy  to join the mamas because it’s so nice to find a context where you feel comfortable. I don’t think it would have felt the same to join a group of very young people who I had nothing in common with.

The thing I like about surf is the physical challenge, the contact with the natural world and that boost you feel when you manage to get on that little wave… even if it’s only for a short while. Also that surfing needs your full attention as well so you need to let go of everything else and focus on you and your board in the water.



Laetitia outside the Providence …. Mamas Surf Club HQ

I’m 42 and surf for me is my rebirth. Throughout my childhood & teenage years I did skiing, snowboarding, rollerskating & windsurfing. Then my work and my stressful Parisian lifestyle took over and I stopped doing sport. After years of pressure and 2 painful back surgeries I quit everything at 42 to live by the ocean & go back to the source : surfing